Why Traeger Grills Make Great Christmas Gifts

Many people love grilling and most of us have done it at least once. When you think of grilling, what comes to mind? You probably think of steaks, chicken, potatoes, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more delicious foods….and a gas tank. Traeger is different because it’s fire is fueled by hardwood pellets, not gas. In fact, Traeger invented the first grill that used wood instead of gas over 30 years ago in Oregon. Today, they are still the #1 industry leaders in wood-burning grills. 

There is just something about a wood fire that makes the flavor pop in your mouth, totally different from gas-fed grilled food. It brings out the natural flavor of your food and makes your most popular recipes even better. Not only does Traeger provide an awesome taste experience, but their grills are also known for their versatility. They have 6-in-1 functioning and can be used to bake, smoke, grill, braise, roast, and barbeque. Now that is something else!

Traeger also produces its own line of all-natural hardwood pellets that are calibrated specifically to work with Traeger grills for the best possible taste and cooking experience. It is important to use the right wood if you want your meal to turn out great and Traeger’s got it! They have fruit woods like cherry and apple that create a different taste bud rush than some of their other woods like oak, mesquite, and hickory. Use these different types of wood to create bursts or subtle hints of flavor in your food and create a unique taste experience for those you cook for. 

You can use a Traeger grill to cook at any speed from slow to fast, depending on the settings you choose and what you are cooking. Setting the temperature on one of Traeger’s grills is just like setting the temperature on your oven. They have digital controllers to ensure a consistent cook throughout the entire process. You can even get the Traeger app on your smart device so that you can control your grill from anywhere. 

Traeger grills come in many different styles. There are the Ranger and the Scout, which allow you to take your grill on the go. They also have the Timberline 1300 for those who love to feed a crowd. They also have a large selection of grill accessories for every type of griller. Everything you need to cook and maintain your grill. 

So why is a Traeger grill the perfect Christmas gift? There are several reasons. First, they are versatile, unlike most other grills out there, they have 6-in-1 functionality for every type of cook you could want. Second, they are unique, being the very first grill of the wood-burning type, and Traeger is still the industry leader today. They are great quality grills. Third, there is a variety to choose from. It’s not one size fits all. Fourth, the right type of wood fire creates a superior and consistent taste to your food every time. Finally, a little fire on a cold winter day is great for warming anyone up, inside and out.