BOB: Come stop in at our Meridian Location and say hello to Bob. Bob hes been an expert in saddle & tack. He has been involved with large livestock for over 27 years. He can help you solve any question from a long trip with your horses, to whats best for your livestock during that season that it is. He is familiar with every product we have on our shelf. He has selected most every every saddle and tack product we have on our shelves. He has been stacking hay since he was 5 years old. He takes each day with the way it was intended to be; Perfect, rain, snow, heat or wind, it's all the same to him. He has never had a bad day in his life. Bob's favorite days are Monday's. But don't try to come in to see him, It's his day off!

Dave: Dave is one of our mechanics that we have on staff. He has 35 Years of experience and all the certifications to go with it! He works hard to make sure the job gets done. He has seen most anything you can throw his way. Dave's specialty is 4 stroke engines along with hydrolysis. Dave has been working on engines since his young high school days. Dangerous Dave has earned that name by being so active and daring in the outdoors. He hunts, rides four wheeler, and goes camping any chance he gets. 

Jake:  What a great addition to the team. Jake was mowing lawns since he figured out how to pull a mower behind his bike. He has ten years of experience on 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors. He works hard to make sure the job gets done. Jake is Stihl Silver Certified. He is very active in the outdoors; He hunts, goes on the joy rides on road and off road, he goes camping, and takes every chance he gets to get out of town. They don't call him the outlaw for nothing.

Casey:  Picture coming soon!! The man at the C-store. Come stop in at our Meridian Location and say hello to Casey. He is always moving so it may be hard to catch him. He is in charge of all the products on our Shelves. He is always ready to bring in new products per customer request.

Danny: Picture coming soon!! Welcome back! Danny is a man of many talents and many jobs. He is a BBQ and lawn machine master. He has a vast knowledge of all the equipment in the store. Danny loves to race and go hunting. 

Staff information is coming soon.