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For everyday riding, ranch work, and rodeo exhibitions, Western tack exudes style, while also ensuring comfort and functionality. From saddles to accessories, you’ll find everything you need right here for a relaxing ride, wherever you choose to go.

It starts with the iconic saddle. Select your ideal seat for the activity you intend to undertake, whether roping or riding. Cinches, off billets, tie straps, and breast collars can help secure it in place. Saddle pads can help relieve pressure on the horse’s back as well as help steady the saddle. A Western saddle blanket helps absorb sweat from the horse’s back, adds a layer of comfort, and gives the ensemble a truly distinctive look. Even if you want to ride bareback, pads and cushions can make a big difference in comfort, while still keeping you in close contact with the horse.

Whether breaking in a young horse or riding with an old favorite, you’ll need the best tack to communicate with your mount. From the bit to the bridle, all through the reins and down to the stirrups, there’s a combination that will work for you and your horse. If your horse doesn’t use a bit, we have hackamores, bosals, and side pulls. We also carry nosebands, tie downs, martingales, and training forks to match your riding style.

Once you’ve got your horse decked out, your own look can match. Riding spurs not only help with communicating with the horse, but can add authenticity to your footwear. Chaps and chinks provide a key layer of protection for your legs while riding.

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Bob is an Idaho native having been raised in Meridian and Star. Bob’s been a member of the Legacy Feed & Fuel team for over 3 years. He’s an expert in saddle & tack, along with horse and cattle supplies. He’s worked with saddles & tack for more than 27 years! Bob says his favorite part of working at Legacy Feed & Fuel is “being able to be more personal with the customers. Being a small store you get to know all of your customers much better!”