Get Ready For Winter With a New Snowblower

Winter approaches, and with it comes the snow. In places where it falls heavy and deep, this can mean a number of things. But the first, above all, is snow removal. You need to keep your driveway, sidewalks, and pathways clear of snow for safety reasons. Many people use snow shovels that they pick up for cheap at grocery, convenience, and outlet stores as the year turns from fall to winter. Some are much better than others. But there is no contest between the hard tedium of a snow shovel and the light convenience of a snowblower…the snowblower wins it every time.

Shoveling Snow is Hard Work!

If you have ever used a shovel to clear snow,  you know it can be difficult and monotonous work. All of the shoveling, lifting, and throwing of snow over your shoulder is a big strain on your Shoveling snow is hard work!body, and if you are not fit, or are an older adult, you may not able to do it at all. Not to mention, it takes an even bigger effort to break up hard, encrusted ice along paths and walkways. This ice can lie underneath the snow, especially if someone has already walked across the top of it. This is particularly frustrating because after you finish the long, hard shoveling job, you have to go over everything again just to get the ice off.

Save Time for Other Things

As you probably know, this process of shoveling and chunking ice off of cement can take hours of your valuable time and worse, a major toll on your back, arms, and legs. With a snowblower, your work is done in just a fraction of the time, and it practically does itself! Snowblowers use impellers that not only move the snow but also push the machine along as if it is moving by itself. All you have to do is turn it on and steer-just like a lawnmower. They are lightweight and easy to move in and out of storage. There are many brands to choose from as well as two different basic types. The single-stage type removes snow from light to moderately covered areas in one single step. Two-stage machines use an auger first to break up the snow and push it toward the impellers, which then pull the snow into the chute and throw it out again over deeply covered areas. 

Buy from the Local Snowblower Dealer

Snowblower from Legacy Feed & FuelSnowblowers can go up and down inclines with ease and clear large areas quickly, even tackling snow packs up to eight feet or more. They can be lifted to reach ledges and packed-on snow for easy removal, and they run either on gas or electricity.  The lifespan of the machine depends on the brand and overall quality, but they are generally long-lasting. With little to no effort and minimum risk, why not save yourself the time and pain of shoveling snow this winter. Instead, make an investment for your home, family, and yourself by purchasing a snowblower for this upcoming season. What have you got to lose? Buy your snowblower from a local power equipment expert like Legacy Feed & Fuel. You get more than a snowblower, you get all the expert advice on how to use it and they can maintain it for years to come!