We have an extensive brand of feed for your house pets and your large animal needs

For your dogs and cats we are keeping the best brands on the shelves. Our staff has either tried all the dog foods on the shelf or been through extensive training. We like to be able to help our customers decide on what the best fit for your dog is. We often have samples in stock for you to take home and get the only option that matters from you four legged friend at home. We have top line Nutrisource dog food, Taste of the Wild, Canidae, and more. We are a pet friendly store so bring your four legged friend in any time. 

We host an animal costume event in October that is sure to bring a smile to your faces. Join us next time and help us celebrate with some fun. 

For the large animal we have have our two main brands. We carry Purina and Local company Western Stocksman's. We have our training on of our products in had. Many of our staff has large animals like , horses and cattle, sheep and more. Weather your horse is in needing to gain some weight or you have a new foal that needs to start getting the next setup of vitamin, minerals, and nutrients. During the summer we have the best cattle lick tubs and have fly relent in them. This is essential for anyone with Cattle.


When it comes to supplies we have anything you need. We have dewormers, fly control, all the way to your bathing needs. We have fly sheets and winter blankets. We have classic dewormers and silver Lining Herbal dewormer. At each location we have a select amount of vaccines and the couple of antibiotics. Along with vaccines we have basic medical supplies including gauze, wrap,and tape. If you need it we should have it or something that will do the job. We have a great line of supplements for your horse and dog needs. At each location there is the supplements that you need to keep your horse in great shape. 

We have a huge selection of horse shoes. We try to keep what you need in stock. If we don't have what you need we can order it with our next order and bring it in special for you. We are always willing to bring in the products you needed with a little help from you.